Pear Cold Storage Room

Pear is native to the Far East and Central Asia. Grown in milder temperature zones of both hemispheres, pear is one of the most popular fruits in the world.

Modern cold storage plays an important role in making a fundamental impact on national economies, and is the only method to keep pears in the best possible conditions. This fruit rapidly releases ethylene after the harvest, and therefore unstoppable aging process begins. Stopping or rather delaying the aging of pear can only be possible through cooling.

Having physiological similarities with apple, pear is easier to keep in cold storage compared to other fruit types as long as the right conditions are provided.

Depending on the variety, pear is stored at – 0.5 and +2.5 °C. The temperature varies with the cultivar, region and climate of the harvest.

However, experience is the most important criteria in storing pears just like all other food types. Controlled atmosphere storage gives the best results in pears as well as in apple.

1 MCP systems used along with controlled atmosphere cold storage is very efficient in terms of shelf life.

This advanced technology storage provides investors big profits making these investments on them attractive thanks to its long storage and shelf life.


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