CANTEK has developed more than 15,000 projects for 20 different sectors in 60 countries in 5 continents since 1991, and sold products and undertaken installations with total customer satisfaction. Our largest gain over 30 years of our company history is that we take pride in providing services to improve food security all around the world and making contributions to thousands of succeeded projects.

During this big adventure, Cantek has provided services for more than 20 different industries, also having made contributions to their development. Among these industries are fish and seafood, red meat, chicken, flower, seedling/sapling, convenience food, restaurant, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables, drinks, beekeeping, pharmacy, hospital, laboratory, logistics, jam, canned food, cheese and dairy products, bakery products, confectionery, tourism and hotel, kitchen, tobacco, legumes, pet food, amusement park.

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Yörükoğlu - Dairy Product Facilities

Star Et

Al Kadaro - Meat Processing Facilities

Aymuz Antalya - Banana Ripening Facilities