Today, there are 1.3 billion head of cattles, 1.2 billion head of sheep and 1 billion head of goats all around the world. Although the global demand for the meat variotions on different rates in different countries, it is steadily increasing. And the most important part of the meat industry are slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.

Cantek, having put its signature under major R&D activities and educational publications in red meat industry, offers services on all the stages of meat production from paddock to reaching consumers. Our company produces slaughterhouse equipment and advanced meat processing systems, along with turnkey installations of slaughterhouse and meat processing plants.  

Cantek has conducted projects of modern slaughterhouse and meat processing plants, which serve as a model in many regions of the world, and made major contributions to the development of these regions. With its slaughterhouse for both small ruminants and cattles, developed in the most suitable quality based on the user expectations, Cantek offers modern, technological, eco-friendly and efficient solutions for red meat to be processed appropriately. 

Providing the most suitable technological infrastructure in order to maximise the quality of meat and market value, Cantek offers the following services through its expert engineering staff and strong production facilities:

  • Paddock systems
  • Slaughterhouse equipment and advanced meat processing systems
  • Cooling, shock freezing and frozen food storage systems
  • Supplementary equipment such as tilting cabin, and blood drying systems
  • Hardware in the areas of hygiene and lighting within the plant
  • Hygienic coating and isolation for floor, wall and ceiling
  • Infrastructure, superstructure, steel and ferro-concrete building, electricity, road and all types of construction works

Cantek single-handedly provides services of project designing, production, installation, servicing, warranty and remote monitoring. While Cantek effectuated the highest level of quality standard during all these processes, it always prioritises animal welfare, worker safety, ergonomic working environment, efficiency, longevity, environmental awareness and hygiene. The company shapes the industry by bringing innovative solutions in these areas.

We offer innovative solutions that suit you.

CANTEK is the official distributor of EFA products in Turkey

CANTEK is the official distributor of EFA products in Turkey

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