We do not only preserve your products in our cold storage facilities fresh as they were freshly cut, but also produce technologies offering exceptional energy saving

Today, energy is one of the biggest expenses in food storage and processing industries. The smallest saving in energy consumption will turn into a massive gain on the annual basis. One of the biggest achievements that CANTEK made for global food industry is producing technologies that provide producers with these energy savings.


CANTEK, having an engineering vision focused on R&D, produces all its cooling equipment internally under its own trademark. Controllers for cold storage are among these products. Thanks to the smart and learning algorithm of the controller, the system identifies the needs of cold storage and operates accordingly. It keeps the desired temperature stable by operating the compressor less, and for this, uses cooling potential collected in evaporators. Both the compressor runs less and the system defrosts less.

And therefore, this allows a huge amount of saving on electricity, which is not possible through standard products. Also, it prevents unnecessary use of compressor and reduces machine failures.

Considering that a 10-horsepower cooling machine uses electricity worth of 60% of its cost annually, the gain from this saving will be enormous.

See and figure out what you will gain with the smart controller, Octopush, which provides exceptional energy saving


Thanks to Cantek’s smart controllers, you can remotely monitor all your cold room data. Also, upon your approval, we can monitor these data from our Cantek Monitoring Centre and alarm you when any problem occurs. If required, we can remotely interfere with the values in your cold room. Besides all these, we can provide you with periodic reports including significant values, such as temperature values, humidity rates, energy consumption, door-opening frequency, and compressor operating times.

Manage your cold storage; find out how much electricity you use!


Using Cantek’s cold storage facilities that allow energy savings avarege 30% bring major profits in the long run. Considering the factors, such as door-opening durations, product entry and exit frequencies, the average energy saving provided by Cantek in constantly used cold stores is approximately 40% (see, Octosense customer experience videos). With this rate, the annual return is about €5,000 at a Cantek cold store where 400 tonnes of apples are stored compared to a standard cold storage.


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