Cantek created SNOW WORLD in 2011 having combined its high production capacity and extensive experiences. Snow World is a snow themed indoor amusement park, which is cooled with advanced technology cooling systems. It always snows in the park that is covered with natural snow all year round allowing guests to enjoy joys of winter even in the hottest seasons.

Snow World Amusement Park was founded by Cantek in Antalya, one the hottest cities in Turkey to realize the dream of a little girl, who saw a fairytale like soft snow flakes for the first time, when she went to the mountains on a winter day. Cantek has been running the park since that day.

Snow World give its guests the chance of enjoying snow to the fullest particularly in hot regions, while offering an excellent investment opportunity. Cantek single handedly undertakes project designing, establishing the facility, including all its equipment, its installation, warranty, business consultancy, servicing and follow-up services through its experienced teams promising handsome profits to investors.

We expect to see you at Snow World Amusement Park, occupying an indoor area of 1500 meters square in Antalya, to inform you about the gains you can make when you make a similar investment on snow park in your region.

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