Grape Cold Storage Room

Origins of grape vines go back to millions of years ago, and Caucasus, south of the Caspian Sea and North East Anatolia are known as the native lands of grapes.

The fact that the temperature of grapes for long-term storage is lowered in pre-cooling rooms and then stacked in the main cooling room is very important and beneficial in terms of keeping their quality. Since the sugar levels of grape varieties differ when they are harvested, their freezing point also varies; therefore the temperature should be controlled as the sugar levels increase.

Grapes should be kept in polyethylene bags manufactured specifically for grapes at 1°C in order to keep the quality of grapes whose temperature is rapidly lowered. After this preparation, grapes can be kept for three months with no spoilage. When these treatments are carried out with care and with the help of the experiences gained over time, grapes will be able to be kept for up to 5 or 6 months.


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