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Activity Areas & Products

Cooling Technologies

Cold storages are hidden heroes of the food industry. With more than a quarter century of experience in cooling equipments, CANTEK offers turnkey contract services for cold storage throughout all stages of production, installation and servicing for long-term storage. Cantek’s smart cooling systems reduce energy consumption, which is incomparable by any other standard cooling devices, and offer the service of remote monitoring system. As a leading company in the industry, CANTEK offers the most appropriate cooling solutions, leading efforts to increase the awareness for the concept of food security around the world.

Meat Technologies

Healthy and affordable meat reach our tables only after passing through modern facilities. CANTEK builds modern slaughterhouses for slaughtering of livestock and meat cutting and integrated meat and meat processing plants. Facilities, established in accordance with the rules of hygiene, efficiency and occupational security for red meat, chicken and fish, meet the needs of our planet from A to Z in the best way. CANTEK creates tailor made projects, and delivers turnkey facilities including cooling systems.

Turnkey Projects

Storing and processing food products in large logistic centres is the most appropriate and economic step in making use of food products in the most efficient, healthy and profitable way. CANTEK’s turnkey cold storages provided through contracts including construction works, and food centres offering the services of cooling and processing allow various products to be stored and used in the most modern and economic way. Projects, which provide large enterprises, cooperatives and particularly local authorities with the service of food management and sustainable profitability, play a crucial role in food security. These projects are among the most effective factors in solving food problems of cities and countries.

Plant Factories

Plant factories, the last global agricultural revolution, are closed growing systems that allow constant plant production of healthy and environment-friendly plants by all year round by using LED lighting and plant nutrients. This plant growing system developed by CANTEK enables you to farm anywhere at anytime regardless of any external conditions. Grown pesticide with green technology, these crops are presented in a ready-to-eat format without washing at their best taste. Furthermore, this system allows producers to do risk-free, easy, efficient and profitable farming all year round.